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Jimi has started a few businesses financed 100% by his funds, including this venture at Advicethatmatters. In the end, he really has a passion to help others and share in their joyous moments while being there through their difficult ones. He's had his fair share of hard times and is now looking up. Losing his job in 08, aka the Great Recession, he was able to land 4 jobs (why 4 .. well you keep getting fired or contracts end) within the next year and currently works full-time in the gaming industry as a software engineer. With his very logical brain, he strives to help you see the world as he sees it, for what it is delivering information that matters to you. If you're impressed by the imagery and video, you may also utilize his services at http://www.jimiatl.com.


Although none of his current works accurately reflect his vision, he strives to bring out the best in others. Whether that's through financial, relationship, or career advice, he wants to see the best out of the human race. His vision is to have a world where everyone is well connected with the necessary people in their lives and these connections create win-win situations for those involved. A world where people are genuine, caring, and full of integrity knowing where they're going and eager to lend a helping hand.

To get connected in this vision, please contact us.

Don't be confused, the motto says it all, "work hard, play harder". Well, it's more like "play hard, work harder", but you get the point. Browse around and see if your logic aligns!

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